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Spanyol Vs Portugal (Portugis) | Prediksi Pertandingan

Spanyol Vs Portugal (Portugis) | Prediksi Pertandingan ~ In the Spanish Prediction Portugal will take place exciting, the ball star cristiano ronaldo must be able to show sklill him. However Spain will appear with the player was full of the star. In 3 last fights ronaldo did not show his intensity and only 1 goal that could in sarangkan. So in the Spanish prediction vs Portugal would in controlled by Spain and Portugal only could play remained.

The PLAYER the Portugese STAR
* Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, Spain) still need not introduce the player who has been famous in this corner of the world. Skill playing him above in general and had the surplus in drible and the kick foot right.

* Ricardo Carvalho (Chelsea, England) this Player offered soliditas on the heart of the defence of the team that was defended by him, in this case Chelsea and timnas Portugal. As far as this is concerned, the Carvalho appearance did not disappoint and appropriate to become the mainstay in the position of the bar axis.

* Raul Meireles (Porto, Portugal) Do debut him in 2006, Meireles currently becomes the Portugese mainstay in the middle line. He had the character as the half-back attacked, but also could adapt well as holding mildfielder. His surplus was in the bait accuracy and the hard kick from outside the box of the penalty. For the length of the friendship fight melawqan Cameroon, Meireles playing extraordinary in the middle line. He printed two goals. Not wrong if Carlos Queiroz placed him as the starter. Meireles also needed this fight, to feel the atmosphere of the more difficult competition. Publicly Portugal then no longer hoped fully to Cristiano Ronaldo, that failed mereplikasi his performance for the length of the qualification.

* Tiago: Tiago entered back to starting line up when facing North Korea. He proved himself is more useful, by printing two goals. His bait was accurate. He often went up in the future. If in the first-rate condition, the presence

The PLAYER the Spanish STAR
* Gerard Pique (Barcelona) he became the mainstay in skuad Barcelona. Had a supply of postures that the heron, the speed, and had sense that was very good in playing made him as one of the players remain best in the world at this time.

* Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona) this Barcelona Star became the noose was most important in skuad Del Bosque. By just one or two touch, he could give the role that was very important for his colleagues. * Fernando Torres (Liverpool) he did not only have the deadly capacity for the line behind the opponent, but also very smart investigated hadangan each player behind lawan.Berbeda with David Villa that only berstatus as striker pure, El Nino could also give the opposition to the player behind the opponent and gave the space Villa that was enough to be able to make the goal. In the first fight, Fernando Torres became some emergency change, but he failed to rescue Spain from the defeat. Currently, Torres will perform a duet with David Villa, like when in Euro 2008. Both of them were the best duet in the world.

David Villa: he printed the sensational goal to the Honduran goal, and often sent bait to the box of the penalty. His capacity mengoyak the opposing goal made him be called by some striker best before the earth at this time.

The defence of the Chilli was ascertained by the hard work prevented him roaming about and shot from Indo one

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